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Hi, I'm Jonathan Løw. I'm a curious entrepreneur and bestselling author from Denmark.

About Me

I'm the (co)-founder of five companies including Listen Louder & Sprout.

I was born and raised in a loving hippie family that had no interest in business.

Nevertheless, I realized early on that my greatest passions are creating startups, writing and laughing.



Start projects & companies.

I was born in 1978 in Aarhus - The City of Smiles.
I was a national champion in badminton in my teenage years, but starting companies turned out to be my big passion.

I've been named Entrepreneur of the Year in Denmark and highlighted as one of Denmark's 100 most promising business leaders.

The startups that I've either founded or co-founded include:


I'm passionate about turning ideas into action, and I believe that the future belongs to the curious. I write about entrepreneurship, innovation, AI and marketing.

I'm currently a guest blogger on major Danish and international platforms such as, GritDaily, and Borsen.

The books that I've written or been the editor of include:

"Questions are more important than answers. It was a fabulous talk from Jonathan about the curiosity, imagination and power of young people."

Dhiraj Mukherjee, founder of Shazam

Let's Talk
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